International workshop: NPCSM 2016 (Oct.17-Nov.18)

Nuclear Physics, Compact Stars, and Compact Star Mergers 2016 (NPCSM 2016)

October 17 – November 18, 2016
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan
YIPQS, YITP, the Center for Gravitational Physics, Nishinomiya City, and MEXT as “Priority Issue on Post-K computer” (Elucidation of the Fundamental Laws and Evolution of the Universe)


In the 3rd week of the NPCSM2016 workshop, we will have a conference,
“Compact stars and gravitational waves”
October 31 – November 4, 2016

Mini Conference

On November 8 and 9, we hold a mini conference,
“Compact Star Mergers and Nucleosynthesis”

Confirmed speakers: J.Barnes (UC Berkeley),R.Fernandez (Alberta), K.Hotokezaka(Hebrew), K.Kiuchi (YITP), K.Kyutoku (RIKEN),J.Lippuner (Caltech), G.Martinez-Pinedo (GSI Darmstadt and TU Darmstadt), G.McLaughlin (North Carolina), F.Thielemann (Basel), S.Wanajo (Sophia U.), T.Yoshida (Tokyo).

About this workshop


-Core collapse supernova explosions
-Binary compact star mergers and their observations in electromagnetic and gravitational waves
-Explosive nucleosynthesis in supernovae and compact star mergers
-Observations and structure of neutron stars
-Compact star matter equation of state
-Ab initio calculation of nuclei and nuclear matter
-Neutron rich nuclei and symmetry energy
-Exotic components in neutron stars and dense matter EOS
-Dense quark matter and QCD phase diagram
-Related topics


1st and 2nd weeks (Oct.17-28):
Workshop mainly on nuclear matter EOS and neutron stars
3rd week (Oct.31-Nov.4):
Intensive conference week on both nuclear physics and astrophysics Compact stars and gravitational waves
4th and 5th weeks (Nov.7-18):
Workshop mainly on binary neutron star mergers and supernova explosions


Akira Ohnishi (YITP, co-chair), Masaru Shibata (YITP, co-chair), Kunihito Ioka (YITP, LOC), Yudai Suwa (YITP, LOC), Kenji Morita (YITP, LOC), Atsushi Watanabe (YITP, Program Coordinator), Toru Harada (Osaka EC), Kei Iida (Kochi U.), Kei Kotake (Fukuoka U.), Hitoshi Nakada (Chiba U.), Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Toho U.), Hajime Sotani (NAOJ), Kohsuke Sumiyoshi (Numazu CT), Hirokazu Tamura (Tohoku U.), Shinya Wanajo (Sophia U.).

Program for Promoting Researches on the Supercomputer Fugaku

BasicScience for Emergence and Functionality in Quantum Matter Simulation for basic science: from fundamental laws of particles to creation of nuclei Human-scale whole brain simulation with connectome analysis and structure-function estimation Development of nuclear fusion plasma confinement physics Large Ensemble Atmospheric and Environmental Prediction for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Large-scale numerical simulation of earthquake generation, wave propagation and soil amplification Quantum-Theory-Based Multiscale Simulations toward the Development of Next-Generation Energy-Saving Semiconductor Devices Computational and Data Science Study for ET Revolution by Development of Next-Generation Battery and Fuel Cell Digital Twins of Real World's Clean Energy Systems with Integrated Utilization of Super-simulation and AI