Computational Sciences

In order to promote leading-edge computational science research, it is important to establish a framework for advancing this research, in addition to performing the research itself. We will develop the next generation of researchers, manage large-scale calculation data, and implement public relations activities.

Development of Human Resources

We will conduct research meetings so that postdoctoral researchers and graduate students who are active as core researchers can develop a broad perspective and look at research in neighboring fields, while acquiring computational skills. These activities will also accelerate interdisciplinary collaboration. We will organize such activities for each sub-project research field in an interdisciplinary manner, and in collaboration with applied mathematics and computer science.


Public Relations

Publicizing research content and achievements to gain public understanding is particularly important in the area of “challenge to humanity’s universal challenges and future development”. We will publish research results through our website, such as the periodical distribution of articles including videos, and conduct general dissemination activities at events.

Public Relations

Program for Promoting Researches on the Supercomputer Fugaku

BasicScience for Emergence and Functionality in Quantum Matter Simulation for basic science: from fundamental laws of particles to creation of nuclei Human-scale whole brain simulation with connectome analysis and structure-function estimation Development of nuclear fusion plasma confinement physics Large Ensemble Atmospheric and Environmental Prediction for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Large-scale numerical simulation of earthquake generation, wave propagation and soil amplification Quantum-Theory-Based Multiscale Simulations toward the Development of Next-Generation Energy-Saving Semiconductor Devices Computational and Data Science Study for ET Revolution by Development of Next-Generation Battery and Fuel Cell Digital Twins of Real World's Clean Energy Systems with Integrated Utilization of Super-simulation and AI